Young Logistics Leadership Program

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The role of the young logistics and supply chain executive is more important than ever given the impact of the disruption caused by new technologies and the importance that supply chain plays in driving the success of modern organizations today.
Young logistics executives with leadership potential will play critical role in ultimately taking key position within their organizations – from internal capacities and capabilities to external supply chain operations.

We need to ensure we are developing the right supply chain leaders for the future—leaders who can deal with a high level of complexity, who understand different markets, both developed and emerging, and who can work efficiently and effectively across multiple cultures and nationalities.

The Young Logistics Leadership Program (YL2P) is designed to accelerate the development of talented young logistics and supply chain professionals and turning them into future leaders capable of meeting the challenges facing the Operations, Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Distribution and Retail organizations.
The Program

YL2P is run over 2 months, consisting of 3 major interactions that will allow candidates to build leadership and functional skills through world-class training, intensive simulated game and coaching program.

It is supported by mentorship program, with guaranteed face-to-face interaction with senior industry professionals.

Part 1 – Executive Training (2 days)
Topics covered include:
– SCM Trends and developments
– Operations Management
– Robotics and Automation
– Technology and Applications
– Big Data
– IoTs
– Supply Chain Finance
– Trade Compliance
– Supply Chain Risk Management & Security

Part 2 – Online SCM Simulated Game/Dialogue with SC Leaders (3 days)
– Supply Chain Simulated Game – The Fresh Connection (2 days)
– 1 day of Final Presentation & Leadership Roundtable Dialogue with Senior Supply Chain Leaders and Mentors